Outsourcing: operational and core functions

Outsourcing document and data processing will decrease your administrative expenses. No need for extra work desks in your office. Our outsourcing division will be meticulous and cost-efficient when processing your data, while freeing hands of your top-grade employees, so they can do the job that brings more value.

We will take care of:

  • Feeding your database with large volumes of any data-type: registering deals and costs, inspections reports, logistics reports, market data, raising invoices etc.
  • Instant data verification: we will make sure your figures form coherent and reliable data and not just a mix of numbers. Data import and export to and from other systems with format conversion.
  • Building the reports: configuring and producing the reports from your CTRM software or office applications. Giving you the results so you can make your decisions.

Quality and confidentiality are our highest priorities here.

Web solutions

Feeding Your Database



Instant Data Verification



Building the Reports